Hello world!

Default title of first post is not that bad – especially if you are about to start a (mostly) programming blog.

I’m leaving my previous blog, which was in polish and mixed two areas of my life: personal and professional. Polish was the only language used there, but I think English is better suited for writing about programming, whereas my new Polish blog will be about personal stuff. (It’s not yet open.)

My old blog is here: http://plonacazyrafa.blogspot.com/
If you doesn’t read Polish you can try luck with services like Google Translate. They do surprisingly good job.

I’m planning to write about things I happen to use from day to day. For now it’s mostly Linux and Haskell stuff, but be prepared for bits of humour as well 🙂 It is likely that I’ll change my interests in the future – it already has happened several times.


~ by Tener on 31/07/2009.

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