About new posts

One great feature of WordPress is the ability to postpone post publishing. I used it in specifying my writing policy here:

  1. I hate drafts. Instead of that I chose a date somewhere in the future and set publishing time to that date.
  2. I frequently revisit the post making changes. Sometimes it’s just another tag, but scraping a paragraph to write a new one is not that uncommon. When the time comes to publish the post hopefully it will be finished.

This policy enables regular updates: with previous blog I had short periods of buzzing activity with nothing in between. I think I’m going to like this scheme. One remaining problem are topics that gets outdated too fast. But hey, I don’t write about weather! It can wait 🙂 (Right now I’m posting more than 6 weeks into the future. It takes some strength of will and patience to stick to the plan…)


~ by Tener on 18/08/2009.

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