Python web server for documentation

In this blog post we can read about handy way to run a web server to serve files in current directory using Python. I wanted to use it in order to read a documentation for Haskell modules stored locally. Typing

python -m SimpleHTTPServer

was easy, but I wasn’t happy with the result. On main page there was index of all modules. That’s fine. However after choosing one I would see a directory with two entries:

  1. html (directory)
  2. LICENSE (file)

I wanted to skip right into ‘html’ directory. Here is code to do just that:


from http.server import *
import http.server
from os import system, chdir
import sys

def run(server_class=HTTPServer, handler_class=http.server.SimpleHTTPRequestHandler):
    server_address = ('', 4000)
    httpd = server_class(server_address, handler_class)

class MyRequestHandler( http.server.SimpleHTTPRequestHandler ):
    def do_GET(self,*args,**kwds):
        tmp = self.path.split('/')
        # redirect?
        if (len(tmp) == 3) and (tmp[0] == tmp[2]) and tmp[0] == '':
            self.send_header('Location', self.path + 'html/')

if __name__ == '__main__':

One remark: I decided write code compatible with new Python 3, since that was easy enough and likely to work with new versions for a long time.


~ by Tener on 25/09/2009.

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