Haskell jobs

Recently I’ve been looking for a job involving Haskell or functional programming in general. No luck. I know that there are is page in Haskell wiki about that, but it’s almost empty, if I filter out those which doesn’t match my preferences.

First thing is: most companies are from US. Next came UK finance companies (like Barclays or Credit Suisse), which are way too far for me. There are also a couple of links to now-dead startups that meant to use Haskell as a silver bullet. No luck I suppose. The one interesting company listed there is Starling Software. Too bad they are from Japan. Another notable exception is Erlang Training and Consulting Ltd. Sadly, while they do have an office in Kraków, they don’t seem to willing to expand their staff there.

I also tried several job search engines for a FP job in Poland, without luck.

My research seems to agree with a previous work you can read about here.

It is sad that most companies that use FP seem to be either too far away or long dead.

I would really love to see one of those near Wrocław.


~ by Tener on 26/10/2009.

2 Responses to “Haskell jobs”

  1. Hi, if you’re still looking for a Haskell job, perhaps Kiev would suit you?

    We work on a functional DSL for describing financial contracts (http://arbitrary.name/papers/fpf.pdf).

    If you’re interested, please drop your CV at Roman.Cheplyaka@BarclaysCapital.com.

    • While I’m not interested in moving to Kiev (I like Ukraine, but I wouldn’t like to live there), I recognize interesting trend here. Just yesterday I received another offer from financial sector consulting company. It was also for Haskell programmer. Coincidence? Perhaps, but maybe in few years my post will be (hopefully) outdated and there will be plenty of jobs for Haskell-proficient programmers. I think there is untapped human potential in Poland for financial companies.

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